Kacey Musgraves Recounts Her Encounter with Gram Parsons' Ghost

Kacey Musgraves Recounts Her Encounter with Gram Parsons' Ghost
One of the brightest lights in country music since her 2012 major label debut Same Trailer Different Park, Texan Kacey Musgraves has had a wild ride from obscurity to a gold-selling record and a 2014 Best Country Album Grammy. Along the way, she's toured with Lady Antebellum, Katy Perry and Willie Nelson — with whom she recorded a duet for her new album Pageant Material, out today (June 23) on Mercury Nashville.
But the weirdest thing that's happened to her in all that time? It's a ghost story.
While filming the video for "Follow Your Arrow," the monster single from Same Trailer, Musgraves and her crew stayed at the infamous Joshua Tree Motel, out in the Californian desert. A stunning, desolate area popular with artists, hikers, and musicians (it left an impression on U2 on their first American tour, for instance), Joshua Tree is also the place where alt-country progenitor Gram Parsons overdosed on a combo of morphine and booze in 1973.
"Recently we had a day off," Musgraves tells Exclaim!, "and so we all stayed at that motel again. It's just the coolest place. It definitely has this vibe, you know? Some kind of mojo going on. Well, in our room there was a painting that had been real high up, kind of close to the ceiling for some reason, just a lightweight canvas painting. There wasn't a frame or anything. And I came into the room, and it was off the wall. It was sitting down. Propped up by the couch. And no one had been in my room! I was just like, 'what the fuuuuuck?' Stuff like that, you know? It's like: okay Gram, get out of here!"