​HAIM Are Covering Leonard Cohen for the 'Hanukkah+' Compilation

The holiday collection will also features Jack Black, Yo La Tengo, the Flaming Lips and more
​HAIM Are Covering Leonard Cohen for the 'Hanukkah+' Compilation
HAIM, Yo La Tengo and the Flaming Lips are just some of the artists that appear on a new holiday album dubbed Hanukkuh+. It's due out November 22 via Verve Forecast.
The album was curated by music supervisor Randall Poster, and it also features Jack Black, Adam Green, Alex Frankel, Buzzy Lee, Tommy Guerrero, Loudon Wainwright III, Watkins Family Hour and Craig Wedren.
Amongst the songs that appear on the album are HAIM's cover of Leonard Cohen's "If It Be Your Will," and plenty of other original tracks.
See the full tracklisting below.
1. Jack Black – "Oh Hanukkah"
2. Adam Green – "Dreidels Of Fire"
3. Yo La Tengo – "Eight Candles"
4. HAIM – "If It Be Your Will"
5. The Flaming Lips – "Sing It Now, Sing It Somehow"
6. Alex Frankel – "Hanukkah In '96″
7. Buzzy Lee – "Give You Everything"
8. Tommy Guerrero – "Dedication"
9. Loudon Wainwright III – "Eight Nights A Week"
10. Watkins Family Hour – "Hanukkah Dance"
11. Craig Wedren – "Sanctuary"
12. Jack Black – "Chad Gadya (Passover Bonus)"