Gatsby's American Dream Gatsby's American Dream

Following up last year’s concept album, Volcano, this self-titled effort sees Gatsby’s American Dream taking a step away from the experimentation that was heard previously, but the band’s signature style is still lathered all over this album. "You All Everybody” is fraught with jagged staccato arrangements and catchy vocal stylings, while "My Name is Ozymandias” is a darkly driven, plodding track. Working within the theme of dealing with the music industry, this album uncovers Gatsby’s American Dream’s experiences in their six-year career. Typically unconventional, this band have shunned the standard, formulaic approach to songwriting but still maintain a compelling sound that commands attention not only through their catchiness but through their intensity. It’s obvious that Gatsby’s American Dream aren’t out to jump on whatever bandwagon du jour is coming their way, and that results in a sincerity and conviction that has followed them all the way to this fourth full-length release. (Fearless)