Gang of Four, Menomena Members Form Supergroup

BY Keith CarmanPublished May 21, 2009

At first glance, the words "Faux Hoax" may remind you of that horrific hairstyle the faux hawk, but in fact they're the name of the latest - get your bunny ears ready - "supergroup," with those words being a kitschy way of penning a name that's supposed to be pronounced "folks." "Bunny ears" signify the questionable nature of utilizing the term supergroup and how two single-syllable sounds can become a one-single syllable word. But that's indie rock for you.

Anyway, the reason this band are apparently of instant note is their pedigree. Faux Hoax is composed of Menomena's Danny Seim, Gang of Four's Dave Allen and Tracker's John Askew. How's that for some fine breeding?

Your Friends Will Carry You Home is the name of the band's new seven-inch, as well as the lead track off this two-song release, which also boasts Joe Haege of 31 Knots and Asthmatic Kitty's Adam Gnabe. The B-side features a track called "Hippies Will Rule." Sound-wise, while you're probably expecting an outright barrage of Enslaved-esque guttural bellows, blast beats and buzz-saw guitars dripping with reverb, well, they're more along the lines of mixed beats, synths and overdubbed monologues, resulting in what their label Polyvinyl calls, "a pleasing blend of stoner profundity and danceable jams."

Those who actually part with cash for the album will be offered two more tracks, "Foxworthy" and "Underwood," via download.

Your Friends Will Carry You Home was released this week on Polyvinyl.

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