Esmerine Grab Colin Stetson, Patrick Watson for New Constellation LP

Esmerine Grab Colin Stetson, Patrick Watson for New Constellation LP
Montreal's Esmerine started as the collaboration of percussionist Bruce Cawdron and cellist Beckie Foon, both collaborators with the likes of Thee Silver Mt. Zion and Godspeed You! Black Emperor that are keen on exploring the possibilities of modern chamber music. Over two albums, they did just that, most recently on 2005's Aurora. Now they've expanded their lineup and invited some guests to help out with their upcoming third album.

Titled La Lechuza, the album sees Esmerine bring Sarah Page and Andrew Barr into the fold as full-time members, as well as contributions from Patrick Watson, Colin Stetson and Arcade Fire's Sarah Neufeld, among others.

The album was created in memory of Lhasa de Sela, the Montreal-based singer-songwriter who died of breast cancer in 2010. All four Esmerine members were gearing up to join de Sela on a tour before she tragically passed away. As a press release explains, "The group has succeeded in making an album that is both a eulogy to Lhasa and testament to the newfound creative relationships the she helped bring forth."

La Lechuza will be available on CD and 180g vinyl on June 7 via Constellation Records. More information on the release can be found here, while album tracks "Snow Day for Lhasa" and "Walking Through Mist" can be streamed below.

La Lechuza:

1. "A Dog River"

2. "Walking Through Mist"

3. "Last Waltz"

4. "Trampolin"

5. "Snow Day for Lhasa"

6. "Sprouts"

7. "Little Streams Make Big Rivers"

8. "Au Crépuscule, Sans Laisse"

9. "Fish on Land"

ESMERINE - La Lechuza [preview] by Constellation Records