Erykah Badu "Gone Baby, Don't Be Long" (video) (directed by Flying Lotus)

Erykah Badu 'Gone Baby, Don't Be Long' (video) (directed by Flying Lotus)
Naturally, Erykah Badu probably wanted to stay covered up for her new music videos after the legal shitstorm that came with her naked "Window Seat" vid. Beat scientist Flying Lotus already demonstrated his penchant for SFW quirkiness in the Bilal video he directed last month, so it's only fitting that he brightened up Badu's "Gone Baby, Don't Be Long" visuals.

Visually, this looks like how Flying Lotus's music sounds, with animated cog wheels, drawings that resemble blueprints and weird spaceships. It definitely adds some fascinating depth to the Badu track, which, for better or worse, is a straightforward soul track that's equally suited for lite radio as it is the blogosphere. It's definitely lacking the shock value of "Window Seat," but it's a worthy follow-up nonetheless.

Check out the clip for "Gone Baby, Don't Be Long" below.

Erykah Badu - Gone Baby, Don't be Long from beeple on Vimeo.