By Storm (f.k.a. Injury Reserve) Rapper Makes Solo Debut as RiTchie with New Single

Hear "RiTchie Valens" from the group's Nathaniel Ritchie

Photo: Patrick Driscoll

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Feb 12, 2024

Experimental hip-hop group By Storm (formerly known as Injury Reserve) retired their old name last year following the 2020 death of member Jordan Groggs. Aside from explaining the name change, the now-duo of producer Parker Corey and rapper Nathaniel Ritchie have been pretty quiet since — but the latter has now announced his solo debut as RiTchie with the new single "RiTchie Valens."

According to press materials, the project was born out of personal recording sessions the rapper used to let off steam as a release from working on music for By Storm, which he described feeling a sense of intimidation and defeat about in an open letter posted to social media yesterday (February 11). Free from those pressures, RiTchie lets loose, embracing the more tongue-in-cheek dynamic of his recent guest features on tracks from Loraine James, Ho99o9 and Tony Velour.

But this doesn't mean his bars lose any barbs; his incisive pen intact, and this is a harbinger of good things to come as the rapper and Corey continue to work on their debut album as By Storm. The producer also shot the video for "RiTchie Valens," which you can watch below.

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