Bring Your Vinyl Anywhere with the Sound Burger

Audio-Technica's portable Bluetooth turntable can go wherever you do, from small apartments to parties in the park

BY Exclaim! StaffPublished Jul 31, 2023

Audio-Technica's Sound Burger is a record player that totally reinvents the format. It provides all of the things that vinyl lovers covet — the rich sound and the tactile experience of listening to an album in its intended format — while also making it more convenient and portable than ever before.

The Sound Burger can be used for either wired or wireless listening, with a 12-hour battery life that allows you to bring it with you wherever you go. With Bluetooth capabilities, it can be connected to wireless headphones or portable speakers, allowing for great sound at home or on the go.

The Sound Burger was first introduced 40 years ago, and its 1980s design is nostalgic while somehow seeming futuristic at the same time. To celebrate 40 years of the Sound Burger, here are some perfect pairings to enhance your listening experience — on both a technical level and in terms of vibe.

A compact living space

A big hi-fi system is all well and good, but many of us don't have enough room to devote a large part of our living space to a turntable, receiver and speakers. For a dorm room, a studio apartment, a room in a shared house or other small living spaces, the Sound Burger barely takes up any space at all. It's so compact that you can even put it away when you're not listening. Not having enough space will never be a reason for not having a great vinyl setup.

A summer spent with friends

The real fun of the Sound Burger is its adaptability. Throwing a party in the park this summer? Bring a few records and a Sound Burger and spin vinyl on a picnic table. Having people over to the backyard? Set up the Sound Burger beside the grill and flip records and burgers at the same time. Going on a date? Bring along a Sound Burger and a couple records to make a unique memory. Whether you're tailgating or even camping, vinyl can now come with you anywhere you go.

Bluetooth speakers or headphones

Adding to the Sound Burger's adaptability is its Bluetooth capabilities, with wireless speakers that allow for both convenience and high sound quality.

For your room, try an AT-SP65XBT — a compact speaker that's affordable and sounds great while also saving on space. For an audiophile experience, pair the Sound Burger with some Audio-Technica over-ear headphones, such as the ATH-M20XBT, or the critically-acclaimed ATH-M50XBT2. If true wireless capabilities and ultimate portability are more your speed, there are the ATH-SQ1TW in-ear headphones, or the top-of-the-line ATH-TWX9.

And, of course, your vinyl collection

Owning your favourite LPs is arguably even more important than having a record player to play them on. You know better than anyone which albums you need to have on vinyl, whether it's the classics or your latest faves. We recommend checking out Exclaim!'s list of the 25 best albums of 2023 so far for a few tips about which recent records to pick up on vinyl and listen to on your Sound Burger.

More details about the Sound Burger can be found here, where it's also available for purchase. Where your summer leads, bring the music with you!

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