The Black Dahlia Murder "Vlad, Son of the Dragon"

The Black Dahlia Murder 'Vlad, Son of the Dragon'
Though the Black Dahlia Murder officially let us plumb the depths of their Abysmal in a few months, the Michigan death metal force are letting you sink your teeth into a track called "Vlad, Son of the Dragon" ahead of time. You can stream the vicious new single online now.

The veteran outfit quickly plunge into a fiery pit of brimstone and blast beats. Melodic trills of guitar surge throughout the track, which takes a moment or two to compose itself before bubbling back into a lava-hot snare assault. Lyrically, Trevor Strnad screeches out a demand to "raise up the traitors, higher and higher" and later to "kill them all." Ouch.

You'll find the track down below, while the rest of the album arrives September 18 via Metal Blade.