Bishop Morocco Bishop Morocco

Truth be told, once it's unveiled who the musicians behind Bishop Morocco are, their debut album becomes that much more interesting. Pairing Kompakt Record recording artist Jake Fairley with Tangiers guitarist/vocalist Jim Sayce, the Toronto, ON-based duo craft music that comes off more Factory Records than FACTOR. Songs such as "White City," "Last Year's Disco Guitars" and "The Catholic Band" exemplify a much more fair-weathered approach at post-dream pop than most of their contemporaries. Fairley and Sayce replace waves of reverb with crisp electronics and piercing guitar lines, as "Our Time" and "Red Bird" cast the same nervy, cross-stitch spell over listeners that makes Matthew Dear sound so removed and the Drums so charming. Bishop Morocco is an album that shows Fairley and Sayce employing their best pop hooks, lines and sinkers, keeping one foot inside their comfort zones and the other three outside. (Hand Drawn Dracula)