Belay My Last The Downfall

Belay My Last’s debut effort, The Downfall, certainly showcases a band that’s well rehearsed, but in the shadow of sheer aptitude the details risk becoming indistinct, even boring. Taking cues from other deathcore all-stars like the Red Chord and Despised Icon, there’s plenty of flash and dazzle, broken up by obligatory mosh parts and pointless vocals about a trespassing ex-girlfriend. Most of it just adds up to a frustrating lack of humanity and a clinical, inorganic feel. The guitarists’ fingers are well travelled but to what end? It would be unfair to disparage their skills but rearranging the alphabet at random doesn’t necessarily make for good poetry. In a revealing moment, the album’s secret song has the band performing a jokey a cappella interpretation of what could very well be any other track on the record. A Jud-Jud reference? Insight into the songwriting process? Accidental parody? Who knows! It’s just unfortunate they chose to save the laughs for the end. (Mediaskare)