Netflix to Bring Back 'Gilmore Girls' for Limited Series

Netflix to Bring Back 'Gilmore Girls' for Limited Series
"Where you lead I will follow anywhere that you tell me to." Those lyrics from Carole King's Gilmore Girls theme song now apply to Netflix. After leading with a hugely publicized reunion at the ATX TV Festival, the show has now reportedly landed a revival with the streaming service.

Amy Sherman-Palladino's show initially ran from 2000 to 2007 before being cancelled. Despite having written an iconic final scene, Sherman-Palladino was also let go from the show before its seventh season. In other words, there's some serious unfinished business in Stars Hollow.

The news has not been officially confirmed just yet, though TV Line reported that Lorelai, Rori and Luke will all be back for a limited revival of the show.

Seemingly confirming the rumours, the show's lead Lauren Graham offered up the following tweet:
Watch Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon perform with their daughter Coco on Gilmore Girls below.