'The Babadook' Director Jennifer Kent is Making a Lesbian Murder Film

'The Babadook' Director Jennifer Kent is Making a Lesbian Murder Film
Thanks to her film The Babadook, Jennifer Kent has made it so that we sleep with one eye open. Her next feature likely won't be quite as scary, but its certainly got a unique story.

The film is called Alice + Freda Forever, based on Alexis Coe's non-fiction book of the same name. It follows the illicit love affair of two women in 19th century Memphis.

Alice Mitchell, 19, pretends to be a man so she can marry her 17-year-old lover Freda Ward. When their love letters are discovered, the two are forced to separate. Then Alice opts to slash Frida's throughout with a razor.

Because of the murder and, ridiculously, her lesbianism, Alice was deemed insane and lived in an asylum for the rest of her life. Her story became a major talking point throughout the United States at the time.

Speaking with Variety, producer Sarah Schechter said, "Jennifer Kent was my first choice from the moment I read Coe's exceptional book.... Jennifer's debut film was one of the most accomplished I have ever seen and I'm thrilled she shares the same passion for telling this powerful, intense and unfortunately still timely story. We are thrilled to have Sidney Kimmel Entertainment as our partners."

Stay tuned for more information on Alice + Freda Forever as it becomes available.