Originally formed as a side project for Belle and Sebastian bassist Stuart David, Looper took David's original group's twee leanings into new territories, adding a groove and cadence that his B&S bandmates would soon adapt themselves. Released the same day as These Things, their career-spanning box set, Looper's first album in 12 years fittingly feels like a retrospective look at everything that made the band sound so inventive in the first place.

Featuring ten new tracks (seven of which also appear on These Things) Offgrid:Offline finds the Scottish group focusing on singular themes for each track: "Intro (Down the Lane)" and "Outro (TipToe Home)" each work off scratchy samples that originally defined the band's sound and "Farfisa Song" fittingly finds David crooning over tasty keyboard licks, while the title track and "Images of the Shipwreck" simply add two more personality-drenched spoken word pieces to the Looper catalogue. Looper sound gleefully like Looper on Offgrid:Offline. (Mute)
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