These Things

LooperThese Things
Released on the same day as Offgrid:Offline, their first full-length in 12 years, These Things is an exhaustive boxset collecting 68 tracks from pioneering Scottish group Looper. Rather than sequencing their tracks chronologically, These Things finds Looper dividing the tracklist into five style-defined categories; spoken word, looped riffs, hip-hop-influenced, electronic and indie pop.

Including the band's first three albums in their entirety, These Things also throws in their early 2000s MP3 EPs, along with singles, remixes and (seven of the ten tracks from) Offgrid:Offline. For stretches, this unconventional sequencing methodology works well, shuffling around some of their weaker late-career material, while in other areas, it falls flat (really, who wants to hear 12 spoken word tracks in a row?).

Complete with extensive liner notes featuring photographs of the group from member Karn David, alongside original reviews and articles from their heyday, These Things is a sweet gift to fans of a band who have always, and will always, do things their own way. (Mute)
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