Looper "I'm a Photograph" (video)

Looper 'I'm a Photograph' (video)
Scottish pop project Looper are celebrating the summer season quite nostalgically, as evidenced by the vintage-photo utilizing video for their Offgrid:Offline LP's "I'm a Photograph." You might want to hit the lights and grab a bowl of popcorn, as you're in store for a sentimental slide show.

A press release notes that the vid was put together using pics of the band, as well as fan-submitted photographs. As such, we're treated to candid shots of kiddies at theme parks, a few beach days, and other assorted moments of relaxation.

All of this is synced up, of course, to Looper's low-key, electric piano-and-drum machine assisted jam, which features slightly melancholy musings like "I wish I could be who it was I used to be."

You can peep the photo-heavy display down below.