Looper "Oh, Skinny Legs" (video)

Looper 'Oh, Skinny Legs' (video)
Some feats are tougher than others. Magnificently, Scottish project Looper have unleashed a lengthy overview of their career in the new These Things box set. Life isn't as peachy, however, for the Sisyphean subject of the band's new animated video for "Oh, Skinny Legs."

Put together by Karn David and Iain Gardner, the video first focuses on the fluid movement of the tune's titular twiggy limbs. The song's blend of squeezebox and softened vocals score the scene, which unfolds with the Greek mythology figure rolling his rock up a hill. It's an affecting piece of animation, showing the struggle of the feat, while also propping up the true power of the spirit.

Chances are you know how this thing's going to end, but you can watch the latest interpretation of the ages old parable down below.

"Oh, Skinny Legs" appears on both the five-disc These Things and on standalone LP Offgrid:Offline, which were both released yesterday (April 14) through Mute.