Zwicker Songs of Lucid Dreamers

Heidi Happy's easy vocals on "Who You Are" are an uplifting opening to the jingle-ready toe taps and handclaps to come from the mutated electro pop of Songs Of Lucid Dreamers. In this outing, Zwicker (aka Cyril Boehler), who has a day job producing film music and a Minus8 alter ego as Tweak, mines inspiration from both his dreams and those of guest vocalists Jamie Lloyd, Olivera Stanimirov, Matt Didemus, Serpentine and Billy Oden. Joining Zwicker in waking life to combine electro funk and melodic pop into lyrics-imbued house and downtempo, with the exception of Billy Oden's word associations over "Dragon Fly's" trumpeting elephants, everyone manages to avoid the self-indulgence that's easily imagined. Throughout all the handclaps and synth riffs Zwicker maintains an elegant groove that while at times a little overly palatable is surprisingly warm. (Compost)