Zoroaster Zoroaster

Apparently these guys jam seven nights a week, only interrupting their militant rehearsal schedule to play shows. Damn, that’s motivation. Considering the miserable sludge and doom this Atlanta band play it’s also kind of depressing. But, to counter that, fans of those most unholy and antisocial subgenres of metal are going to be happy these guys are spending so much time crafting their tunes. For the most part, these are four long songs (long enough to call this an album, not an EP) that keep the tempo slow and the feeling rather stifled, like crawling through quicksand while covered in tar (while drinking maple syrup, etc.). But once in a while, like on standout track "Bullwhip,” they break out a Sabbath-esque groove and actually kick the tempo up a bit. Then they run that riff into the ground to a hilarious degree. The production is suitably noisy and under-cooked. It takes a certain type to like this stuff, but if that’s your bag, check out Zoroaster. (Labrador)