Zoot Woman "The Stars Are Bright"

Zoot Woman 'The Stars Are Bright'
Following a lengthy hiatus, UK electro-pop explorers Zoot Woman have surprised us by delivering a positively pulsing comeback single called "The Stars Are Bright."

The spritely song is pulled from a forthcoming LP dubbed Star Climbing and gets by on a mix of chirping 8-bit NES sounds, a spirit-lifting four-on-the-floor pound and Johnny Blake's gentle sing-song. It's a senses-flooding slice of ethereal electro-pop, and you can check it out via the player down below.

While the single is up for grabs now on iTunes, its unclear when the rest of its accompanying album will be let loose to the public. Star Climbing will be Zoot Woman's first LP since 2009's Things Are What They Used To Be.