Zombi's A.E. Paterra Returns as Majeure for Sophomore Album

Zombi's A.E. Paterra Returns as Majeure for Sophomore Album
While Pittsburgh multi-instrumentalist A.E. Paterra is best-known as the drummer for proggy duo Zombi, the dude has been known to make his own music under the name Majeure. Last year, he teamed up with fellow Zombi member Steve Moore to deliver a split LP showcasing their solo jams, but Paterra is ready to head out on his own again for the upcoming Solar Maximum.

Like the split, Paterra's new LP will be issued by Temporary Residence Ltd., who will release the album on October 16. A press release states the collection "expands on the cinematic, atmospheric vision" of Majeure's first solo set, 2010's Timespan.

Paterra composed, performed and produced the six-song album all by himself. Pulling influence from '70s cinema soundtracks and Krautrock, this latest LP apparently ups the focus on the musician's synth work, offering up something a little more "ominous" than the spacey Timespan. You can check out the title track in the stream below.

Solar Maximum:

1. Maximum Overture 

2. Solar Maximum 

3. Caribbean King 

4. Extreme Northern Lights
5. Geneva Spur 

6. Solar Maximum 2