The Zolas Plot "Weirder" and "Catchier" New Material, Shed Light on Unalaska Side-Project

The Zolas Plot 'Weirder' and 'Catchier' New Material, Shed Light on Unalaska Side-Project
The Zolas released their sophomore album, Ancient Mars, just last month, but the Vancouver pop-rock duo are already looking ahead to their next release. Although nothing is set in stone, the band hope to have new music out sometime next year.

"We want to start working on music right away to release something really quickly," singer Zachary Gray tells Exclaim! "One thing I can say for sure is, the only principle that this band exists on is that we only want to do the thing that is going to be most fun in the short term."

He speculated that this may mean doing a one-off electronic single, and added that he and pianist Tom Dobrzanski will continue to further expand upon the Ancient Mars blueprint of pop hooks and inventive sonic textures. "I think that we'll continue on this path of making progressively weirder and progressively catchier music," Gray speculates.

Although the band "haven't laid down one single note" of new material, Gray says that they hope to have something out within a year.

In the meantime, the singer will also be working on Unalaska, his previously revealed side-project with Brasstronaut's Edo Van Breeman.

"I'm very, very excited for it, because it's the first act that I've ever been involved in that has a sound that I've straight-up never heard before," Gray enthuses. "I don't think anyone's making music that sounds quite like this. I mean, there's lots of insanely creative people who are making music that scratches the same itch. For me, I've always played in bands the were great, but they sounded like bands, you know?"

He goes on to describe the project as resembling "minimal German techno with lots of sound design and lots of samples of pitch-shifted bat wings and stuff like that" combined with "Jeff Buckley melodies" and lots of vocal harmonies.

The project's first record is only about halfway done and will likely change form before it's complete, but we should look for that on the horizon before long.

The Zolas will play at Victoria, BC's Felicitas on November 23, and you can read more of Exclaim!'s recent interview with Zolas here.