Zola Jesus "Hunger" (video)

Zola Jesus 'Hunger' (video)
As we learned earlier this week, Zola Jesus has the kind of determination to take her music out on sub-zero streets if need be. Now, she's further detailing her artistic drive in the video for Taiga's powerful new single, "Hunger."

The track, full of synth-brass and wildly clicking beats, is itself about reaching your goals and never giving up. At first, the video finds Zola Jesus delivering a statuesque series of poses. Eventually, the hunger in her veins causes her to explode into a flurry of frenetic dance moves.

You'll find the inspiring, creatively charged-up display down below.

"The Hunger" will be released as a single February 10 through Mute, and will be accompanied by b-side "Compass."