Youth Trend Report 'INFINITY +1' (EP stream) / "More Ghost Than Girl" (video)

Youth Trend Report 'INFINITY +1' (EP stream) / 'More Ghost Than Girl' (video)
As previously reported, synth-geared Library Voices offshoot Youth Trend Report are issuing a trio of EPs this year. Following the early March release of their Discreet Encounters, the two-piece are now set to deliver the second chapter, INFINITY +1. The official street date is this Friday (May 6), but you can stream the whole thing now via an exclusive premiere with Exclaim!

The six-song release continues with the moody soundscapes Michael Dawson (Library Voices) and producer Rob Morrison (Rah Rah) filtered into their earlier releases. Soft-focus drone pieces like "Daylighting" and "More Ghost Than Girl" draw out keyboard lines and foggy sound effects, with the ethereal results differing greatly from Dawson's more structured work with Library Voices.

"I've spent the better part of the last eight years creating within the confines of a pop song structure and heavily focused on lyrics. I love both of those things but creatively I had a few demons I needed to exorcise and some others I wanted to exercise," Dawson said in a statement. "There's something so satisfying about entirely deconstructing traditional song structure and having the freedom to make a composition completely linear."

INFINITY +1 goes up for sale this Friday through Prairie Shag Recordings, but for now you can stream it all below. There, you'll also find the project's newly unveiled music video for the EP's "More Ghost Than Girl."