Young Galaxy Re-team with Dan Lissvik for 'Ultramarine'

Young Galaxy Re-team with Dan Lissvik for 'Ultramarine'
Montreal's Young Galaxy underwent a compellingly icy makeover on 2011's Shapeshifting thanks to producer Dan Lissvik. Last year, we were excited to learn that the group had once again teamed up with the former Studio member, and those sessions have now resulted in another full-length. Entitled Ultramarine, it will arrive on April 23 via Paper Bag Records.

Unlike Shapeshifting, which was recorded in Montreal and then sent to the producer in Sweden, the band laid down Ultramarine at Lissvik's studio in Gothenburg. A press release explains, "Once they arrived in Sweden they reinvented the material, together. But the live performances' visceral energy stayed at the forefront — these songs aren't mixing-board creations, they are kinetic, inhabited, and full of breath."

Much like the album that preceded it, Ultramarine is said to feature electronic pop songs that appeal to headphone listeners and dancefloor fiends alike. All of the songs are sung by Catherine McCandless, with fellow vocalist Stephen Ramsay evidently taking a backseat.

That's the album cover above. Scroll past the tracklist below to watch a brief trailer, which will give you some idea of the chilly pop that this album has in store.


1. Pretty Boy
2. Fall For You
3. New Summer
4. Fever
5. Hard to Tell
6. What We Want
7. Out the Gate Backwards
8. In Fire
9. Privileged Poor
10. Sleepwalk with Me