Young Galaxy Announce New Shapeshifting LP, Enlist Studio's Dan Lissvik to Produce

Young Galaxy Announce New <i>Shapeshifting</i> LP, Enlist Studio's Dan Lissvik to Produce
With their first two albums, Montreal's Young Galaxy made a name for themselves with their dramatic brand of indie rock. For their third LP, they are stepping out of their comfort zone, enlisting Dan Lissvik of forward-thinking Swedish electronic duo Studio to produce. The result is Shapeshifting, due out February 8 via Paper Bag.

According to a press release, Lissvik "curved and refashioned these tracks; he made and remade them. The finished album is a thing of cold reverb, hot drums and synth." He produced the album from a distance, remaining in Gothenburg, Sweden, while the band stayed in Montreal. The production process took nine months.

Young Galaxy cite New Order, the Knife and the Eurythmics as influences for the new sound, which is reportedly "never 'epic,' rarely 'rock' -- instead, sexy, spacious, haunted by ghosts in silver, black and primary colours."

Click here to listen to the steely, disco-inflected "Peripheral Visionaries" off the album. Check out the 11-song tracklist below and see the arresting cover art above.


1. "Nth"
2. "The Angels Are Surely Weeping"
3. "Blown Minded"
4. "We Have Everything"
5. "For Dear Life"
6. "Peripheral Visionaries"
7. "High and Goodbye"
8. "Phantoms"
9. "Cover Your Tracks"
10. "B.S.E."
11. "Shapeshifting"