You Say Party Recording New Material as Four-Piece

You Say Party Recording New Material as Four-Piece
As previously reported, Vancouver-area dance rock unit You Say Party will end a year-and-a-half-long hiatus later this month when they play the Paper Bag Records 10th anniversary bash in Toronto. It seems the reunion could be the start of a new era for the band, as it's now been revealed they've been recording some new material as a four-piece.

An interview with the Vancouver Sun had the band outlining their current M.O., and hinted at what's to come in regards to new tunes and the possibility of more shows.

The band's first show back reintroduces founding keyboardist/vocalist Krista Loewen into the mix, but will not feature late-period additions Robert Andow and Al Boyle, who subbed in for Loewen and the late Devon Clifford. The group added that they have no intention of finding another replacement for Clifford and will use drum machines in the future, if they use beats at all.

"'Less is more' has been one of our mantras for sure, and honouring the space that Devon left," vocalist Becky Ninkovic said. "I didn't want to fill it up. And that resonated with Derek [Adam] and Krista and Stephen [O'Shea] as well. Sometimes there's so much power in silence."

You Say Party don't have any live plans beyond their September 29 performance at Toronto's Great Hall, as bassist O'Shea and Ninkovic are currently expecting a child — the singer is already over five months pregnant.

But while show plans may be nil, Loewen confirmed that the group have been recording new material. The band's last offering was 2009's XXXX. No concrete plans have been offered up just yet, though, on when and where the songs will be available.