Yeomans "My Fish Got Drunk" (video)

Yeomans 'My Fish Got Drunk' (video)
Following up their self-titled EP from 2014, Yeomans' new instrumental single "My Fish Got Drunk" captures the feel of an endless summer in sound as the seasons in their hometown of Toronto begin to change. Of course, the track has been paired with a feel-good video to match, which Exclaim! has your first look at right here.

Directed by the band's guitarist/vocalist Kieran Heilbron and cinematographer Dan Lee, the visuals for "My Fish Got Drunk" see the band take their performance outside to a sunny poolside and the shore of Lake Ontario, accompanied by some animated fish who help indicate chord changes at around the two-minute mark for those looking to play along. If that wasn't enough, the surf sounds are only made more vibrant through use of some kaleidoscopic video effects.

"We started out with the very basic idea of doing a live performance video outdoors," Heilbron explains to Exclaim! "The plan changed very quickly when our first location in High Park inspired us with about a million different ideas. We basically just goofed around all day and filmed it. Then Luke fell into the lake trying to refill his water gun. Putting a water-logged phone in rice really does work, but the smell of Lake Ontario will never come off your clothes."

Yeomans will celebrate the release of the single with a show at the Piston in Toronto on December 15, with Planet Creature and the Lord Almightys providing support. Pre-order "My Fish Got Drunk" through Bandcamp here and watch the video in the player below.