Yella Beezy Baccend Beezy

Yella Beezy Baccend Beezy
Texas rapper Yella Beezy's newest project looks at his life growing up on the streets amid gangs, violence and sex. On Baccend Beezy, Beezy's past is the subject matter, and his presentation of these tough times toes the line between run-of-the-mill and mildly insightful lines about tensions between groups, having sex with as many women as possible and how a forced violent and tough self-image distorts a truly free expression of who he is.
Perhaps it's that Southern accents are sparse in Canada, but one of the chief strengths, Baccend Beezy's piece-de-resistance, is the twang of its rapper. Beezy sounds like he grew up listening to UGK and Outkast, and tonally is all the better for it. Opener "Madder" is a prime example of using your accent perfectly.
The standout track on Baccend Beezy, is "Trust." Beezy sings the chorus and raps throughout about the difficulty of coming up in a world where he constantly grappled with how to trust those around him — his girlfriends, friends and those trying to take away the success he has made for himself. Peppered throughout the song are lines like, "Been fucking this bitch for a long, long time / she asks do I got feelings / I don't feel nothing."
For Beezy, it would seem the hardening of oneself against the streets is a circular act, the isolation necessarily becomes total and complete in order to survive. This theme is the one that sticks out the most on this release.
Songs like "Trust" aren't numerous, but they are the ones that stick with you. When Beezy pulls a song off, he really makes a great song, but that doesn't always happen here. (HITCO)