Yeah Yeah Yeahs Get Their Own iTunes Originals

Yeah Yeah Yeahs Get Their Own <i>iTunes Originals</i>
Looking for a bit of insight into Yeah Yeah Yeahs vocalist Karen O's crazy antics? Perhaps you'll find it in your iTunes library, as the New Yorkers are the latest band to be featured in the iTunes Originals series.

iTunes Originals generally feature album cuts, interviews and acoustic versions of songs. Yeah Yeah Yeahs' edition, which was released on Tuesday (October 20), is no different. But if you don't feel like re-buying those tunes you already have, you could just cherry-pick the acoustic tracks. Otherwise, the whole deal will cost you $9.99.

You can purchase it here.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs' last album was It's Blitz, which came out in March of this year. Karen O also recently collaborated with the Kids to put out the Where the Wild Things Are soundtrack. But you know this already, right?

Yeah Yeah Yeahs' iTunes Originals:

1. "iTunes Originals"
2. "It's the Year to Be Hated (Interview)"
3. "Our Time (iTunes Originals Version)"
4. "A Love Song in the Truest Sense (Interview)"
5. "Maps (iTunes Originals Version)"
6. "Conga Line Around a Dead Dog (Interview)"
7. "Y Control"
8. "The Studio as Laboratory (Interview)"
9. "Gold Lion"
10. "Back From the Dead (Interview)"
11. "Cheated Hearts"
12. "Darker Side of Yeah Yeah Yeahs (Interview)"
13. "Down Boy"
14. "Something Tangy, Something Sour (Interview)"
15. "Dull Life (iTunes Original Version)"
16. "Glam Rock Murder on the Dancefloor (Interview)"
17. "Heads Will Roll"
18. "Rewarding Love Song (Interview)"
19. "Hysteric (iTunes Original Version)"
20. "Range of Musicianship (Interview)"
21. "Runaway (iTunes Original Version)"