YACHT Ask "Kanye, Am I a Real Artist?" with Parody Site

YACHT Ask 'Kanye, Am I a Real Artist?' with Parody Site
The fallout from Kanye West's controversial Grammy appearance continues. We're referring of course, to the rapper's comments regarding Beck's Album of the Year victory, when Yeezy said that the Grammys were "disrespectful to inspiration" and he called on Beck to "respect artistry" by giving his prize to Beyoncé. This has attracted plenty of criticism, and now electro-pop outfit YACHT have taken the piss out of the whole situation by making a parody website.

As Pitchfork points out, the site is located at Kanye.am, and it asks the question "Kanye, am I a real artist?" This question is answered via an image of the rapper standing in front of a Grammy logo, and some overlaid text.

YACHT unveiled it with a tweet on Monday (February 23):

They added on Tumblr, "I built this site the day after the Grammys but forgot to tell anyone about it. It's a magic 8-ball, ask Kanye if you're real artist and load it. Then refresh if you want a different answer."

The whole thing is a bit like a Magic 8 Ball, since it offers a variety of positive and negative responses to the posed question (although most of the responses are negative). Many of the answers are based on interviews that Kanye gave to E! and Ryan Seacrest.

It's good for a laugh, so check it out here.