xxTeens "Darlin'"

xxTeens 'Darlin''
The first thing to know about xx Teens, as DrownedinSound.com so politely reminds us, is not to Google them. Trust me, it's just not a good idea. Now that we've got that sorted, the xx Teens didn't use to be such a problem. Actually, that's not true. Formerly known as Xerox Teens, the band abbreviated their name once the photocopying giant came a knockin'. Signed to the newly launched Mute Irregulars label (Mute's little brother offshoot designed to establish young, let's say, out of the ordinary bands), the London, UK act fall somewhere nicely between Suicide and Pink Grease, two bands that share(d) the same label. Originally taken from last year's self-titled EP, their Mute debut is a fine mess of clanging keyboards, razor-edged guitars, frantic blast beats and one loopy trumpet. Danny Fancy's spastic barks contain the same magnificence as if Robert Smith got hammered on Strongbow and began mimicking both David Yow and Mark E. Smith - simultaneously. It's arty, it's messy, it's wonderful.

The edited version (recommended if you just want to hear the song)

The full version (recommended if you're looking to be weirded out)