Woozy Viper Rock & Roll

NYC duo Woozy Vipers were clearly born at the wrong time. Not because their simplistic '60s garage rock, heavy on twangy reverb, monotone recording techniques and minimalist verse-chorus-verse structure, would have been capable of selling millions years ago, mind you. It's more of a realization that since these guys are the less goofy, genre-specific version of Ween, one can imagine somebody like Joey Ramone just adoring them. With such sugary melodies and an endlessly sentimental tone propelling their plunk-y guitars and snare, you can bet he would have fallen in love with, and championed, them. Still, while they may not garner any sort of international celebrity, those of us needing a taste of Elevator/Eric's Trip's Rick White doing T. Rex tunes on dime store guitars are in for a real treat. (Independent)