Woodhands Keep Feud With Danko Jones Alive

Woodhands Keep Feud With Danko Jones Alive
As anyone familiar with Woodhands would know, the sex-loving duo are lovers, not fighters. Yet this hasn’t stopped the two from being thrown into verbal fisticuffs with fellow Torontonian Danko Jones.

The feud first began during Canadian Music Week back in March. At the hometown fest, Jones took a moment to send some hurt Woodhands’ way, saying Toronto music journalists are only interested in covering either 12-piece collectives or two-piece electro acts, and ignoring everyone else in between. He pointed to a recent Eye Weekly cover story on Woodhands as proof, as he continued a rant on the evils of keyboards and electronic music in general.

Woodhands quickly got word of the very public on-stage dis, and have since return fire. While talking to the Toronto Star, singer Dan Werb said, "Danko, why you gotta hate on us? Why you gotta hate on us? Danko Jones, where's the love?"

Werb later followed this up with some more curt words during a recent interview with Exclaim! TV. "We honestly don’t have time to dis Danko Jones. That’s the thing,” he said. "Were on a schedule. We don’t even have the 30 seconds it takes to dis Danko Jones,” with drummer Paul Banwatt adding, "Yeah, we’re late for a party that’s way too cool for Danko Jones.”

Recently, that party was in China, where Woodhands partook in the Transmit China cultural exchange, and are rumoured to have taken up kung fu in case the Jones debacle turns physical.