Woman Arrested for Stealing Soda from Drake's Mansion

In her defence, Sprite's slogan is Obey Your Thirst
Woman Arrested for Stealing Soda from Drake's Mansion
Anyone who has seen Drake's Sprite commercial knows that the Canadian rapper needs his soda to perform. Every time he cracks open one of the clear pops, he appears to transform into a soaking wet robot man and perform bars from "Forever" flawlessly. In other words, by stealing soda from Drizzy, you are in fact threatening his livelihood.

That's a lesson a 24-year-old woman learned the hard way. Simply attempting to obey her thirst, she broke into Drake's L.A. home and stole $10 worth of Pepsi, Sprite and Fiji bottled water (the champagne of bottled waters). She was arrested and charged with felony burglary.

As TMZ reports, the parched pilferer was discovered in Drake's bedroom by one of the rapper's associates on April 3 at 10:30 p.m. local time. Along with burglarizing bevvies, she was also wearing one of Drizzy's hoodies.

The woman claimed that she had permission to enter the house, but Drake's associates denied as much. There were no signs of forced entry, so it's unclear how she got into the house or its sweet soda stash.