Wiz Khalifa Bell Stage, Quebec City QC, July 5

Wiz Khalifa Bell Stage, Quebec City QC, July 5
Photo: Matt Bobkin
Standing at the centre of Festival D'ête's largest stage and with little more than a three-person backing band behind him, it would have been easy for Wiz Khalifa to be overpowered by the gigantic spectacle surrounding him. But the weed-friendly rapper captivated young listeners with his East coast rhymes and West coast braggadocio Friday night.

Commanding the stage in a pair of overly ripped skinny jeans and a washed-out sweater, the inked-up rapper held steadily onto his mic, spitting verses from tracks like "The Thrill" and "Work Hard, Play Hard" as plumes of weed smoke puffed out across the Plains of Abraham. Providing steady excitement throughout, the nubile MC finally showed his pecs near the end of the set, ripping off his shirt for an ecstatic performance of "Young, Wild and Free" and "Roll Up." Leaving the best for last, the critically dismissed rap prodigy added relentless swagger to career-defining single "Black and Yellow." As Wu-Tang Clan foot soldier GZA stood unspotted in the audience studying the end of his set, it appeared the Genius and company were ready to learn from hip-hop's new school.

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