Wire's Bruce Gilbert Teams Up with BAW for the Environmentally Themed 'Diluvial'

Wire's Bruce Gilbert Teams Up with BAW for the Environmentally Themed 'Diluvial'
Longtime Wire member Bruce Gilbert (who left the band prior to their last few albums) has released music with a heap of projects over the years, including a number of solo albums, and now he's announced his latest endeavour: a record with Beaconsfield ArtWorks (David Crawforth and Naomi Siderfin, credited here as BAW). Diluvial is out on CD on September 3 via Touch.

The collaborators developed Diluvial for the British multi-disciplinary series Faster than Sound in 2011 and then developed it further at a subsequent performance. According to a press release, "Local preoccupations with rising sea levels fuel Diluvial — a work that dwells on the dynamics of flood geology and global warming; creation stories and climate change. Diluvial is an evolving soundscape and environment."

Siderfin created the score and did iPhone field recordings, while Gilbert and Crawforth crafted the synthesized sounds. The work addresses environmental concerns by imaging the world before, during and after a massive flood.

Scroll past the tracklist below to watch footage of a live audio-visual performance of Diluvial.


1. The Void

2. The Expanse

3. Dry Land

4. Lights

5. Creatures of Sea and Air

6. Beasts of the Earth

7. Rest/Reflection

Bruce Gilbert, David Crawforth & Naomi Siderfin | Beaconsfield Gallery | 28/10/11 from John Macedo | The Black Plume on Vimeo.