Wire to Drop 'The Black Session' Live LP

Wire to Drop 'The Black Session' Live LP
This year has been a successful one for Wire, as the British post-punk veterans released their 12th studio album, Red Barked Tree and embarked on a series of tours. Early next year, the band will be looking back on their fruitful 2011 campaign with a live album called The Black Session - Paris 10 May 2011.

This live session was recorded for host Bernard Lenoir of Radio France, and it includes songs from Red Barked Tree alongside older material. These tunes were recorded in front of an invited audience, and according to a press release, find the band "in razor-sharp form, tightly honed after months of touring."

There are 13 songs in total. Scroll down to check out the tracklist and look above for the cover.

This live disc was originally available exclusively from the merch table during Wire's fall tour. The exact commercial release date isn't yet confirmed, but it's slated to be released worldwide sometime in February via Wire's own Pink Flag imprint.

The Black Session - Paris 10 May 2011:

1. "Adapt"

2. "Comet"

3. "Smash"

4. "Please Take"

5. "Kidney Bingos"

6. "Clay"

7. "Map Ref 41°N 93°W"

8. "Moreover"

9. "Two People in a Room"

10. "Down to This"

11. "Drill"

12. "Red Barked Trees"

13. "Pink Flag"