Willis Earl Beal "Until We Die"

Willis Earl Beal 'Until We Die'
As we wait for Willis Earl Beal to issue his Experiments in Time in full, the artist has unveiled another irregular preview. This time around, he's wrapping a stirring vibrato around spectral keyboard sounds for "Until We Die."

The track is a bit of an odd one, with muted funhouse synths lying far back in the arrangement as Beal busts out an operatic warble detailing the sight of a rodeo clown saddling up and heading into the sea, while he himself settles down on his beloved's wooden porch until the bitter end. At least that's what we think is happening.

"Until We Die" will be a bonus cut only available on physical copies of Experiments in Time, which are reportedly due August 8, but you can stream the uncomfortable and creepy pledge down below.