Will Smith's Atrocious "Get Lit" Has Arrived

It's his first track in 12 years
Will Smith's Atrocious 'Get Lit' Has Arrived
At the end of August, we pointed out that a new collaboration was coming from Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff, set to mark their first bit of new material since 1998's "Lovely Daze." That track turned out to be "Get Lit," an EDM party anthem meant to "brighten up the darkness in this world" that unfortunately sounds like it was released 10 years too late.

Now, you can experience the studio version of the aural atrocity in the comfort of your own home. "This is my tune, this is my room, your witch on my broom," Smith rhymes before rapping, "My army, we like to party / We smart and artsy and we get lit."

Though Smith is indeed a legend, this one is something we just can't get jiggy to. Take it all in with the players below.