Wilco "Sunloathe" (video)

Wilco 'Sunloathe' (video)
Wilco have apparently got bit by the animation bug, as they've just delivered another cartoony video clip to promote last year's The Whole Love. First, they offered up "Dawned on Me," which starred the Popeye gang, and now their new vid for "Sunloathe" features a gang of sad-sack, misunderstood monsters.

Scored by the melancholy, late-period Beatles-esque ballad, the clip features one longhaired hunchback being chased out of her home by a crew of pitchfork-and-torch-toting haters, and an adorably scaly castle dweller getting hunted by a sword-swinging He-Man. Staring up at the skies, the 2D cel animation characters peep themselves partying inside the sun in fancy claymation form.

Meanwhile, down below, they just stand teary-eyed, dreaming of what could be. Despite the cute collection of cartoon characters, this vid's a heartbreaker.

You can check it out below.