Both Hands

BY David McPhersonPublished Mar 1, 2004

Wil is Canadian songwriter William Mimmaugh. Born in Lennoxville, Quebec and spending his formative years in Calgary, Wil sings with a passion that pulls listeners in with his forceful voice and captivating songs that offer up slice of life vignettes. "Mama” kicks off the disc with its singable strumming patterns and punchy lyrics. "Both Hands” — the title track — with its muffled production, gets your feet tapping, your head bopping, and you find yourself singing along before the first verse is over. Its infectious guitar licks and catchy chorus grab you and you find yourself listening to the song repeatedly. The song also ends the album as a bonus track with a bare bones version that features just Wil and acoustic guitar. "Dance with the Devil” is a ballad that explores those demons that dance within us all every once in a while. Wil originally released Both Hands in May 2002 and sold more than 5000 copies independently. Now, with major label backing, this well-crafted album of honest songs will get into more hands. This songwriter’s affecting voice is a compelling creative force that begs one to take notice.

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