Wighnomy Bros. / Various Remikks Potpourri II

Highly sought after producers and DJs the Wighnomy Bros. — Gabor Schablitzki (aka Robag Wruhme) and Sören Bodner (aka Monkey Mafia) — release their second compilation of mostly unreleased remixed material, Remikks Potpourri II. These rapturous remix renditions thrown together as a collection are almost overwhelming, as the WB have achieved the perfect synthesis of reverie-inducing synth pop that soars to contemplative melodic heights and quirky, fun dance music classically composed as a progression of looped beats. Highlights are Röyksopp’s "Beautiful Day Without You,” which has a warm, synth-y house beat and soft, seductive vocals that contrast Röyksopp’s icy expressions of wanting to just be alone. The melancholic crooning of Depeche Mode’s David Gahan is kept intact over top of looped guitar arpeggios for the WB rendition of "Lilian.” Ellen Allien and Apparat’s "Way Out,” although not as explicitly dance floor-friendly, is a gorgeous remix, as they somehow stay true to Apparat’s glitch-y style of production but add a bunch more drum breaks, using Allien’s vocals as newfound rhythms, with spacious, cosmic ambient melodies as the backdrop. Paul Kalkbrenner’s "Steinbusser” is a dramatic ending of dub-infected ambience just before you reach Robag Wruhme’s secret track, "Bakkenvesper,” its fast breaks originating from both a drum kit and a drum machine that can rival any Aphex, combined with looped violin melodies and full of upright bass breakdowns. The Wighnomy Bros. are the new romantics of techno. (Freude am Tanzen)