Why? "One Rose" (Alias Remix)

Why? 'One Rose' (Alias Remix)
Whether or not Why? can still be called a hip-hop group anymore is certainly up for debate. But one thing for sure is the Oakland, CA trio are one of the most innovative, genre benders out there.

Their latest album, Eskimo Snow, picked up where their last record left off, incorporating indie rock tropes and melodies into their odd-ball hip-hop sound. While the marriage of the two genres is certainly nothing new in a world where Lil Wayne drops guest verses on Weezer tracks, Why? gave the cross-pollinating a new twist, borrowing from the indie rockers instead of the other way around.

This remix of "One Rose" actually gives more of an urban feel to the folky original. Typically, the lyrics are cryptic, but it seems to have something to do with Yoni Wolf's parents and his adolescence. It's available exclusively by the folks over at RCRDLBL.

Download "One Rose" (Alias Remix) by Why? here.