Whitechapel on Exclaim! TV Aggressive Tendencies

Whitechapel on Exclaim! TV Aggressive Tendencies
In the latest episode of Exclaim! TV's Aggressive Tendencies series, we feature Knoxville, TN metal band Whitechapel.

During a recent stop at Toronto's Danforth Music Hall while on tour with Emmure and Obey the Brave, Exclaim! TV caught up with Whitechapel guitarist Alex Wade. He talked about the band's latest, self-titled record, how it's not just another deathcore release and why it's important to them that their sound keeps progressing with every album. Wade also discussed the different lyrical themes on the record, as well as the cover art, which incorporates the Tennessee state flag.

Whitechapel's self-titled record is out now via Metal Blade and is the follow-up to 2010's A New Era of Corruption.

Interview by Denise Falzon
Filmed by Roberto Granados-Ocon
"Breeding Violence" music video directed by Scott Hansen, courtesy of Metal Blade.