White Stripes Seven-Inch Sells for $18,000

White Stripes Seven-Inch Sells for $18,000
Obsessive vinyl junkies will stop at no dollar value if there's a limited-edition record that they need to own. Some record labels curb the unnecessary spending by reissuing out-of-print gems, but other beloved items stay incredibly limited as collectors consider remortgaging their homes to get them. Take, for example, the White Stripes' “Lafayette Blues” single. Fifteen copies of the record were hand-painted back in 1998. Now, they're apparently worth $18,000.

A statement from Jack White’s Third Man Records explains:

Twelve years ago to the month, the White Stripes released their 2nd single ("Lafayette Blues") with a humble little performance at the Gold Dollar in Detroit. Due to a delay in printing the covers, Jack White and Dave Buick (head-honcho at Italy Records, the label releasing the single) hand-painted 15 unique covers for that evening. Each copy was sold for $6. For quite some time these hand-painted records have been the holy grail for White Stripes collectors. The first copy to sell went for $800 back in 2003 and it's been sky-rocketing ever since. Just recently I've had the pleasure of coordinating the sale of one of these singles for the stately sum of $18,000. Yes, you read that correctly...eighteen thousand United States dollars. This copy was painted by Mr. Buick and is pressed on especially swirly red/white vinyl.

It's a little odd that White's own record store would be pocketing the funds, as obscene exchanges like this are usually reserved for unauthorized eBay auctions or charity events. Still, from triple-decker records to nifty headphones, we're sure Third Man Records will turn this bit of income into some sort of amazing, collectible item.

 Thanks to Consequence of Sound for the tip.