White Barons Up All Night With

Marginally better than front-woman Eva Von Slut’s previous psychobilly stab, Thee Merry Widows, or the rest of the band’s former outing, Time In Malta, the White Barons blend the aesthetics of Von Slut’s beloved, tattooed, creeper-laden scene with a driving musical bite more akin to the musicians’ punk rock’n’roll history. The end result on Up All Night With breeds comparisons to a less-engaging Tsunami Bomb; the elements of catchy SoCal pop punk here are offset by Horror Pops-ish vocal dynamics and an underlying kinship with the aggressive stance of acts such as New Bomb Turks and Turbo A.C.’s, both of whom have graced this label’s roster. Still, despite welcomed company on a sonic level, this release is premature. The band haven’t marinated in their influences long enough to create something familiar and invigorating at the same time. Instead, these 11 tracks feel tepidly approached, creating an atmosphere of insecurity that tarnishes their obvious intent of appearing lackadaisical and "fuck the world.” While their exuberance and drive at getting out there are admirable, the White Barons need to be a touch more methodical about their attack in order to attain such a goal. At this point, Up All Night With is mildly entertaining but little more than a reiteration of their juvenility. (Gearhead)