Whippersnapper Appearances Wear Thin

After three albums and ten years together, Whippersnapper is still cranking out the tunes. These Georgia boys have gotten away from the Get Up Kids-style melodic emo sound that was a big part of their last record, The Long Walk. This time around, they're taking their cues from their Florida neighbours Hot Water Music, and the resulting sound works well. They haven't managed to create the same kind of energy that HWM makes so effortlessly though, something they may be able to fix in another album's time. Despite this, they play with conviction and are clearly enjoying what they're doing, peppering their songs with occasional Iron Maiden-style guitar licks. On the down side, one song, "Feeling Fine," has the feel of a mall-punk single and is at odds with the rest of the record. (Fueled by Ramen)