The Weirdies The Weirdies In 3D

The Weirdies in 3D is fun, loud, raunchy and flat-out awesome. Comprised of ex-members of Toronto garage rock institutions Tijuana Bibles, the Pin-Ups! and the Threat, the Weirdies play songs about planetarium knife fights and cuffed jeans, and they’re great. With the swagger of the Detroit Cobras and the classic riffs of the MC5, songs like "Let’s Get Hot” manage to ride the line between nostalgia and relevance, making for a record that stays exciting for its entire running length — 12 songs in a brisk 24 minutes. It’s worth noting that drummer Space Weirdie makes a living doing screen-printing and design, and the truly badass artwork that accompanies this disc is a genuine asset to the music. Listen to the record and touch that CD sleeve. Both rule. (Independent)