Weight "True Fears"

Weight  'True Fears'
Rituals' Adam Seward debuted his latest project Weight last year with a song called "Not Enough," so it only makes sense that he's returned to offer up a little more musical material.
New single "True Fears" continues to build on Seward and bandmate Jordan Allan's foundation of influences that range from smooth R&B bass vocals to post-punk guitar sounds to hip-hop-inspired beats. Those once again fuse together on the new cut to create a unique sonic offering that incorporates layers of airy vocals, thumps of bass, ringing guitar jangles, synthscapes and pulsating percussion.
"'True Fears' was written on the hottest day of the year last summer, I was really into drone footage of vast landscapes, combing over lakes and architecture," Seward tells Exclaim! "I loved how the sun would hit the water, or the white pavement of the city, and the loneliness of how people looked in the frame as it glided over them. I was interested in the perspective it gives us on our own life and how small we really look. With that in mind, the lyrics deal with the fear associated with almost losing a loved one but holding on, giving you an acute sense of awareness."
Hear both the sonic and sentimental inspirations meld together by listening to the premiere of "True Fears" below.
You can also catch the duo performing live at their upcoming Canadian Music Week show on April 22 at the Garrison in Toronto.